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3 Wine Men
3 Wine Men Lanyard
3 Wine Men Event Backdrop
3 Wine Men Roller Banners
3 Wine Men Tasting Feather Flag
3 Wine Men Tasting

Three Wine Men

Three Wine Men Oz Clarke, Ollie Smith and Tim Atkins, are three of the most well-known TV wine personalities who want to share their infectious enthusiasm with the world. They run many successful wine tasting events across the UK.

Three Wine Men run the consumer event which runs alongside the trade tasting of my client Wines From Spain. Loving what I had created for Wines from Spain, I was asked to design some new graphics for their upcoming tastings. Working within their existing branding I developed a fun set of colourful graphics in a repeat pattern style which echoed the bespoke patterned shirts they always wear and worked cohesively with their existing design elements.

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